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oakesboy commented about Grand Theatre on Sep 26, 2013 at 1:50 am

As a child in the late 50s and all through the 60s I remember so many wnderful times at the Grnd Theater in Oakes. Every saturday night we went to the movies while the parents went to the Oakes Cafe for diner and then to the Arc Lounge for cocktails. I remember that theater being huge. And there were paintings on the walls, which I can’t remember what they were of. But I do vividly remember the creepy bathroom that was down some stairs. I’m almost sixty years old now and realize that it wasn’t as big as I remember it, but the memories are still so vivid. I saw some great movies there and have alot of summer memories of that wonderful movie theater. Are there any photos of the inside of this place???would love to see them. So glad the theater is still in opperation. Ron Swanson