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Northhalldawg commented about Cinemas West 5 on Dec 22, 2016 at 5:59 am

I saw a lot of movies back in the day at Cinemas West. Several “Friday the 13ths”, “Return of the Jedi”, “A few good men”, “Poltergeist”, “Here come the Tigers” and countless others. They had the video game “Vanguard” in the lobby, and I became somewhat of a guru at it. As I remember the popcorn was especially good here. Sadly, in the 1990’s, the neighborhood around the theatre began to deteriorate. As a result, it got to the point of where you didn’t go to a movie after dark at this theatre. Car break ins and assaults in the parking lot became commonplace. A sad ending to a (at one time) state of the art theatre. Made a lot of memories there going on dates and out with friends. Times were much, much simpler back in the 1980’s.