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MARVIN13044 commented about Rivoli Theatre on Feb 10, 2009 at 2:25 pm

To the annonymous writer of Nov. 5, 2006. My name is Marvin R. Mednick and I am the author of the novel “The Lyceum” about a movie theater located in Woodridge, NY, three miles from South Fallsburg. It operated within the Kallet Theater Chain, along with the Rivoli(South Fallsbrg),the Center(Woodbourne), the Strand(Loch Sheldrake). My father, then I were the projectionist there from 1945-1964. We also worked occassionally at the Rivoli.

Some things about the Rivoli:
During the winter months they ran what was called Bank Night; every Wednesday between the first and second show they drew raffles for monetary prizes.

One day during Xmas school break they would run a cartoon/shorts marathon matinee and would hand out boxes of Xmas candy.

The only way to get to the projection booth, was from a metal ladder that ran straight up to a trapdoor located in the lobby of the theater.

The manager, Tony Balducci, was a wounded WWII veteran who lost one of his legs. You could here him stomping down the aisle with his artificial leg. He was very artistic and was responsible for much of the art decor cutouts displayed in the lobby.

The Rivoli was the flagship of the chain and as such, many of the parts for the other theaters were stored there. I purchased an old standard Simplex Head (used at the Lyceum), several movie reels, one each positive and negative carbon rods, regular and cinemascope lenses, and the photo-electric cell unit.

The Rivoli projectors utilized the Simplex E-7 variety heads, the Strand used Super Simplex, and the Center utilized the odd looking Motiograph projectors. They all had Peerless Magnarc lamphouses.

I can be reached at 912 925 6977 or I would love to communicate with you.

Thank you