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Marcquey commented about Hyland Cinema on Nov 10, 2012 at 7:52 pm

I worked at the Hyland from 1973 to about 1976. I was only 16 and told not to watch the movies (because they were restricted! ) Used to sit next to the popcorn machine munching on popcorn. The assistant manager made me walk up and down the aisles with pop and popcorn (like at a ball game)… very embarassing.

Gord Gotts was a really nice man. He used to be manager at the Palace theatre and had hoped he would get the Odeon theatre, but unfortunatley he and his staff were moved over to the Hyland while the manager of the Capital got the Odeon.

Whole pounds of real butter were melted in the butter machine for the popcorn.. none of this synthetic crap now.

Earthquake was amazing… humongous speakers placed all around. When they went off you couldn’t hear a thing, including the phone or someone standing 2 feet in front of you.

The projection booth was high – see the windows up high in the photo at The dressing room and storage was way up there too… creepy.

Nice memories of my first job where I started working with Mrs. Tipper and Mrs. Edge and Jane.