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LoveCinema commented about Grand Theatre on Aug 20, 2022 at 5:29 pm

Wouldn’t it be very convenient for the ‘Grand’ - once it is installed and ‘up’ and ‘running’ - to show Movies being projected in ‘35mm’ style? There’s plenty of 1950’s films in 35mm to obtain from the BFI, as a friend back in the U.K. was telling me. Could be lovely to run these on certain evenings as a special event.

Well, it looks very much ‘Beamish Museum’ isn’t planning to do so and go ‘Digital’ instead although Original 1950’s ‘Kalee 19’s’ projectors, maintained and in working order were offered to be installed.

‘Digital’ screening would be a heavy contravention for a ‘1950’s’ cinema (in a ‘1950’s Town)! Not only my point of view.

LoveCinema commented about Comet Cine Center on Mar 6, 2020 at 6:12 pm

The Comet Cine Center opened in 1998….. Article from ‘Rheinische Post’:

There used to be 4 big classic 50’s cinemas under one big roof (pre-Multiplex if I may say so, but with so much more ‘elegance’, style and …comfort) near Mönchengladbach Station or rather near the site where Comet Cine Center stands now: ‘UNION’, ‘LICHTBURG’, ‘BAMBI’ and ‘PALETTE’. They where beautifully designed Picture-Houses and I used to visit them regularly, whilst I was living in Viersen with my family. Unfortunately all the cinemas where destroyed in an arson attack in 1975.

LoveCinema commented about Odeon Luxe London Leicester Square on Oct 28, 2019 at 3:15 pm

Hello CF100

Thank you for responding in comprehensive details on the subject.

I see your point in the shown videos (American Cinematographer). From my opinion the scenes still appear too ‘realistic’ to me.

‘So, as a way of thinking about this, how about a whole movie at 24fps, with only the end credits at 120fps? There is no way this could “ruin” the experience; but it would stop the end credits “jumping” their way up the screen, scrolling smoothly instead.’

I wonder why this procedere should be done?

I had never experienced end credits ‘jumping’ up our Cinema-Screens, they appeared always running smoothly. Could be a bit ‘tricky’ applying this procedere for end credits combined with movie – post -scenes or stills, as most of them are likely provided with.

As I have never been an ‘action-movie’ fan all my ‘cinematic background years long’ I can’t share your opinion about ‘Gemini Man’ being ‘boring’ or ‘sterile’ even in the ‘action’ -sequences, as I had not seen the movie in full-length.

And yes, there were people leaving the movie on other shows, too – as they ‘had enough of the hyperrealistic images (!) on screen’. I’m able to share their opinion, even having not seen the said movie: If I want to see ‘realistic’ images I only have to step outside my front-door.

Funnily and interestingly enough when ‘HFR 3D’ presentations were cancelled showing it in ‘2D’, the movie was nicely frequented and nobody left before it’s ending.

(By the way – this reminds me to refer to Admission Prices at the OLS and I’d like to add that if I’d (accidently) attend the ‘Odeon Luxe’ Main Screen finding obvious reason for complaining I certainly would insist on Re-Admission and getting it — no doubt about that :–)!)

Having checked out the list of movies (long feature movies.. for the BIG SCREEN) being presented in ‘HFR’ or ‘HFR 3D’ finding not even half a dozen being produced in the last seven years.

This leads to the conclusion that Directors or/and Audiences seem most likely not prepared to adjust to the said presentation.

I do see profund possibilities and a future for the presentation being applied for thematically based documentary – films (nature, technics, science, medicine) as this basically be the optimal way for presenting these.

For the said reasons ‘HFR’ will never be estimated as `New Face of Cinema': The audience obviously is missing something very important within the presention – it’s simply called ‘Cinematic Experience’.

Best regards

LoveCinema commented about Odeon Luxe London Leicester Square on Oct 24, 2019 at 5:43 pm

CF 100 / from October 23

Thank you very much for responding and taking the trouble to attach the link from ‘American Cinematographer’ which was most interesting.

“Certainly 24fps was never chosen on any optimal technical basis, it has simply existed for so long as the standard with cinematographic “language” and technique built around it, as well as strong association in the audience’s mind that 24fps = cinematic”.

Quite frankly I do not share this opinion: 24 fps might never be chosen on any optimal technical basis, but it’s been there for over 100 Years of cinematic presentation and one should think of the only reason being… because it has proven itself.

You were wondering about audience leaving the movie-show (and even more leaving when the action-sequences were shown): Having some of them interviewed, the latter ones leaving told me, that even watching the ‘action-sequences’ was a boring, sterile (!) and emotionless thing to do. The first ones leaving shared exactly the same impression I was telling you about and were not complaining of any headaches while watching.

CF 100 – there was nothing wrong with our projection-equipment.

I’d certainly recommend HFR and HFR 3D being creativly apllied for ‘Documentarys’ of any kind, but certainly not for most of the known film-genres.

Being applied to any film-genre it not only ‘lacks’ but ‘absorbs’ this proven `cinematic look' destroying ‘art’ of cinematography, because of the audience’s unability of connecting with and experiencing it.

Further more from my opinion it also destroys any Directors effort in filming: So should cinema-goers forget about the ‘Masters` of past and present times like Chaplin, DeMille, Whyler, Wilder, Welles, Hitchcock, Kubrick, Lean, Scorcese, De Palma, Frears, Scott….or recently 'Tarantino’ (Once upon a time in Hollywood) and most recently Todd Philips (‘Joker’) delievering artistically expressive ‘work’ on screen. Should they forget about qualified and talented actresses and actors who’s appearances in movies of past and present times will forever be in their minds and hearts? Pointing out most recently the work of Jaquin Phoenix, delievering an outstandingly performed character-study of the ‘Joker’.

The Core of cinematic experience was and always will be the interaction of ‘motion’ and ‘emotion’ and that includes the movie’s presentation resulting in audience acceptance ….at the ticket-booth.

Best regards from Germany (and solidarity in these troubling times)

LoveCinema commented about Odeon Luxe London Leicester Square on Oct 21, 2019 at 2:59 pm

To CF 100
Re: HFR 3D

It most certainly feels very odd watching a movie presented in HFR or HFR 3D, as the presentation lacks the ‘cinematic looks’ experienced for many many decades by generations of movie-goers, completely.

As for me – moved by curiousity – and watching only 20 minutes into “Gemini Man”(presented ‘only'in 60 fps) in our Cinema I had the impression sitting infront of a shop-window which is installed infront of the screen or – sitting in a theater attending a stage-play. Further more I wasn’t able to 'connect’ with the movie or it’s plot – very much because of the “shop-window – experience”, covering every single moving image in sort of ‘documentary-like’ pictures.

Some people left the movie-show before I did.

Hopefully this cine-technical ‘garbage’ will not prevail in future cinema-industry. This is not progress – it’s retrogressive step!

From Germany

LoveCinema commented about Odeon Luxe London Leicester Square on Aug 23, 2019 at 7:38 am

RadioVenus: Seems things have changed on stage behind the screen since you last been there. I understand with the installment of ‘Dolby Atmos’ there had to be a wall constructed lately to isolate the auditorium from the adjacent hotel – mainly I should think to hold the immense weight and height of the speakers. The following link might be a conclusion for the new screen to have to positioned forward:

LoveCinema commented about Odeon Luxe London Leicester Square on Aug 22, 2019 at 8:23 pm

RadioVenus: Need to do a correction – and appologies for that: The ‘Play List’ will only contain ‘Main Features’. The “Art of presentation” (House-Lighting/s and Curtains/Tabs > if they are in condition to operate) are to be added to a “pre-show”– playlist containing commercials and (in need to be added or changed) Trailers of upcoming movies to be shown “coming soon – "at a Theatre near you”.

Greetings from Germany

LoveCinema commented about Odeon Luxe London Leicester Square on Aug 22, 2019 at 7:06 pm

RadioVenus: Whilst everything has gone ‘digital’ in Cinemas for quite some time ago the presentation of an on going movie show can be ‘added’ towards the ‘Playlist’ and on to the Server and that includes the use of Tabs….or not the use of Tabs. This is how it’s been done in our ‘Main Screen’ (Screen 4) when the Tabs could be used (currently they cannot because the motor has to be maintained). I understand OLS are having problems with the Curtain-motor ?

Now for the ‘forward taken Screen’ there could be one reason: As the OLS (as a ‘Dolby Cinema’) has installed ‘Dolby Atmos Sound System’ with Speakers fitted mostly everywhere in the auditorium (including the ceiling ) some Speakers had also to be fitted behind the Screen. I assume the screen had to be taken forward to make room for these.

Whilst refurbishing our cinemas in our small town lately, we fitted in a new sound-system (not “Dolby-Atmos” of course) and every screen had to come forward to give room for the speakers to be fitted behind.

Greetings from Germany

LoveCinema commented about Odeon Luxe London Leicester Square on Aug 22, 2019 at 9:32 am

I learned that Tarantino deliberately dispensed his movie being filmed with 70mm film, because it then would have lacked the impressive wonderful zooms his movie is literally covered with – as these can only be shot with 35mm film. However it’s being post-converted in 70mm format (35mm Panavision blown- up to 70mm) and as I understand is shown as a limited release in 5 Theatres only in the US. It is however planned to be shown in the described 70mm Format later in the year. So maybe the OLS will show it in 70mm. Wether 70mm or 35mm presention – Tarantino’s latest movie should be considered a life-time masterpiece already.

Greetings from Germany

LoveCinema commented about Odeon Luxe London Leicester Square on Jul 22, 2019 at 8:36 am

It’s as simple as this: – Music fades out – House-lighting dims – CURTAINS PART….(at a decent slow speed) This procedere mainly creates the cinematic-atmosphere for the audience and….shows professional presentation of movie-screening. It has been done like this in over 120 years of cinema.

House-tabs had been fitted at last….. so why not u s e t h e m??????

LoveCinema commented about Grand Theatre on Jun 26, 2019 at 8:42 am

Interestingly nothing yet has occurred on the stated project of dismantling and reconstructing this Cinema-Building to Beamish Museum. It now says that “the building is unsafe and not to be entered”. What do the teams of the Beamish Museum org expect a buildings condition to show up after a period of 15 months being vacant??

This doesn’t look good at all for a much brighter future of the “Grand” as stated to the public in February 2018 doesn’t it?

LoveCinema commented about Rex Cinema on Jan 6, 2019 at 9:42 pm

My best wishes go out to the Mundin Family – keep on with the absolutely inspiring and most intrepid work you perform to breathe new life into the beautiful old Cinemas of Great Britain. The refurbishment of the newly reopened lovely “REX” Cinema has been done in a most charming and very warmhearted way.

May the aisles of the REX auditoria always be filled with satisfied and enthusiastic audiences.

Wishing you success and happiness for 2019…and beyond.

Best regards from Germany


LoveCinema commented about Odeon Luxe London Leicester Square on Dec 7, 2018 at 1:02 pm

So….Cinema-Audiences will be greated by a Digital Image of the (former classic) SAFETY-CURTAIN (?), and having to pay redicolous high entrance-fees????? This is exactly the way to keep Cinema-Audiences away from the Cinema considering the offers of latest “home-viewing-behaviour”(“streaming” Movies for almost “free”) as a fact where Cinema-Owners or Companys should think about how to attract Cinemagoers back to the Entrance-Doors.

My friends refurbishment – costs of their Cinemas lately is of course not in the least to compare to the costs of the one of the OLS… but they still managed it without having to increase entrance-fees and still have Cinema-Curtains actually fitted and in operation day and night….to create a bit of “occasion” for their customers. I think I’m going there tonight and enjoy some “Movie-feeling”. Good Luck OLS London

Greetings from Germany

LoveCinema commented about Showtime At The Chinese on Jul 4, 2018 at 5:27 pm

It’s as simple as that:

Music fades out…..Lighting dims……CURTAINS part….. ….and you’re in “Cinema-Heaven”. The right lighting and CURTAINS – they create the atmosphere -this prooves it – it has been done like that over 120 years.

LoveCinema commented about Atrium Theatre on Mar 9, 2018 at 9:32 pm

Always on the road from Balingen to Stuttgart on Sunday-mornings to experience the 70mm presentations of “Ben Hur”, “Dr. Schiwago” and “Lawrence of Arabia”, back in the mid-90’s. Unforgetable Movie-Experience.

LoveCinema commented about Grand Theatre on Mar 9, 2018 at 9:13 pm

So this historic building will be facing a much brighter future. What wonderful news. Hope everything goes well with the dismantling and transport.

Good luck and greetings from Germany

LoveCinema commented about Princess Cinema on Feb 11, 2018 at 9:20 am

Hello Terry,

Thanks a lot for your recent informations.

It’s been some very interesting, fascinating weeks of “conversation” on this site, even so not exactly staying topic. I guess this happens with people who have dedicated their life and profession to CINEMA.

And still… nobody seems to be able to post interior photos from “Princess Cinema”.

Best regards

LoveCinema commented about Princess Cinema on Feb 3, 2018 at 10:11 pm

Hello Terry,

Sorry, for that “excurse in time” that I commentend in detail yesterday, as I seem to be literally “taken away” by this experience.

Watching the clip about the visit to the beautiful “Grand” – Cinema of your friend Billy Mathers, I of course still realized that the false ceiling had already been removed. And what has come back visible again. So interesting. I hope everything goes well with desmantling the building brick by brick – which will be a highly delicate process.

I hope you have spend an interesting time with your friend at the “Grand” and your visit has been an enjoyable one.

I would very much be interested about your impressions at the “Grand” Ryhope – visit, so if you have time – please tell me about the “brief encounter” of the “Grand”.

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards

LoveCinema commented about Princess Cinema on Feb 2, 2018 at 5:58 pm

Hello Terry,

Thank you very much for your response and those interesting links. I found very interesting photos from inside the “Globe” Theatre Stockton plus a little Clip. What a beautiful place this is and it’s only right that it’s been given the chance for restoration. Isn’t it lovely to read and hear about restoring those remarkable places like the one mentioned for a change? Also very interesting what has come back visible inside the former “Kings” Cinema/Bishop Auckland.

I was so touched by the little clip of Billy Mather’s visit at the Grand Cinema/Ryhope. Commenting this visit in his own words and his emotions clearly visible in his face whilst at the “Grand”….I can only say I can truly comprehend it. Two years ago I had the chance to visit “Schwefelbad”– Cinema again, which I had last seen inside as a school- girl at the time of closure (1968/due to TV). Although this Cinema (built by my Great-Grandfather) was not really my favorite place to see movies ( “BALI” was more favorited)I was really looking forward to this permission visit, which was arranged by a journalist who made an interview with me about the Cinemas History.

The Auditorium had to face some alteration through the last decades because of it’s use as a dancing-school, but through the suspended false ceilings I looked up to the original auditorium – lights and had a look at the original circle again and insisted to visit the front row up there, where we always sat. Standing on the former huge stage (the Cinema was also in use for theatre-plays and concerts/ a venue), I could make out the orchestra-pit, which the council of Balingen destroyed by filling it up with cement(!!) – a pitty really. Not only could I clearly make out the big Screen behind me (which isn’t there anymore)but also the two sets of dark-blue velvet curtains/Tabs (which were always in use in times of screening movies :) ). And specially on the stage I could make out that familiar smell…..I think I had been taken back in time somehow. I must have taken dozens of photographs and thinking back to this very cold afternoon in February 2016: An unforgetable experience.

Have a wonderful visit at the beautiful “Grand Cinema” tomorrow.

Best regards

LoveCinema commented about Princess Cinema on Jan 28, 2018 at 5:10 pm

Hello again Terry,

Thank you for responding and what interesting reports you left. Sorry to say, that I’ve never had the chance to see the silent “BEN HUR”– Movie and that includes an orchestra accompaniment too. That really must have been an experience.

Once I had the oppurtunity to see Charlie Chaplins “Modern Times” with a small orchestra accompaniment at a 75th Jubilee-Celebration of a Cinema located nearby many years ago. That was a great evening I’ve spent there.

By the way I’ve seen the “BEN HUR” – Remake. When it’s release was announced, I couldn’t believe this – I must admit – “brave” project. But – with what result: Filled with CGI’s, location mostly created on the computer and actors who had to fight their acting-qualifications against the “CGIs” (just may impression). I knew I would be dissapointed seeing this and really I felt like leaving the screening before the end of the movie. Patrons acceptance at the box-office was very “low” too and the few patrons who attended the Screenings were also most dissapointed. Well, there we are again: Nothing can beat the “Original” – well , mostly.

I’ve done intensive research about the “Grand Cinema” Ryhope and found not only interior photos but a little movie-clip, too. Isn’t it a gem! What a beautiful interior-layout with all the flower ornaments and the painted windows. This is a very special Cinema and I am so glad it will be looking forward to a much brighter future.

Wishing you a very interesting “last look around” at this beautiful building next Saturday. Hope to “read” from you again.

Best regards


LoveCinema commented about Princess Cinema on Jan 21, 2018 at 5:36 pm

Hello Terry,

Thank you for your interesting comments on January 16.

I’ve been on the website of the Beamish Open Air Museum and I must admit it is a great idea of installing this historic Cinema (I had also a look at it) in there.

I wish our coucil would come up to a better idea for the use of my Great-Grandfathers first Cinema, as there are plans of demolishing it. A small group of people want to safe it, but they seem to have no “lobby”. “Hugging” the site doesn’t really help nor does signing petitions. Seems people are not interested in a former use of this building. Architectually-wise it was build in a rather unusual style, which should be reason enough for it’s safe future. And here’s the link (I hope it works):

Re to “BEN HUR”: So this is your favorite Movie, too? It is still my “No.1” favorite Movie in a long list of favorite movies, too. My Grandfather would always see to this movie being scheduled at least once in a year in the mid – or late 60’s: Best business this movie would make at Christmas – Time and Easter, specially on “God-Friday”, with an unbroken customer-acceptance at that time. I personally must have seen it for about 40 times, even when we moved to North-Rhine-Westfalia in the 70’s my twin-sister and I never let out a chance to see it at the local Cinemas.

To see it in the interestingly built “ASTRA” – Cinema at JHQ/Rheindahlen gave the oppurtunity in experiencing it in the Original Language for the first time.

A little anecdote connected with the BAOR – Cinemas and “BEN HUR”: My Stepfather – a Civil Member of the NATO – booked tickets at the “ASTRA” and reminded us “English speaking only”, as German citizens were not allowed on British premises. Looking forward to our favorite Movie in the Original Version for the first time ever and being on our own at the Cinema, whilst my Stepfather and my mother attended another Movie at the nearby “GLOBE”-Cinema, we felt really far away from hitting trouble. But complications arised, when we were asked about “ID” by a very charming Member of the MP. Only a long phone-call with my Stepfather at the “GLOBE”-Cinema filled with discussions about the “case” between the Manager and him at last cleared the situation: “Okay – Jesus Christ`s just born – so GET INSIDE!” were the Manager’s angry words and with sighs of relief we entered the Auditorium right at the “Star of Bethlehem settles over the stable” – scene. Having missed out the “Overture” and “Tabs opening” I still have to give credit to the Manager, as he only acted by the rules.

From this time on attending a Movie at “GLOBE”-Cinema or “ASTRA” was never a problem anymore, as the managers families and my Stepfather`s got close friends.

The using of Tabs when they are installed in Cinemas: Well, we would always use them. After parts of the original Cinema (“Bali”/Balingen) had to be demolished for economic reasons (again), the new building holds seven screens – but – only the biggest auditorium is fitted with Tabs. Being a close friend with the new owner and his family for so many decades, we (his wife and myself)managed to change the bosses mind – otherwise there would have been no Tabs at all. A decision he does’t regret up to this time, because people still come up to him making positive remarks about the use of tabs. Now, he is thinking about installing some more in the other cinemas.

So, if Tabs are there – why not use them? It creates such a great atmosphere which a lot of cinema-goers still appreciate – today.

Thank you for the link showing this interesting little film about a female projectionist. That must have been a rare oppurtunity for a womans job in the 50’s.

I personally loved to do a projectionists work. Specially the “change over” from one projector to the other. Absolutely thrilling – esspcially when the marks on the film were missing!!!! My Grandmother was so amused about my interests in cinema-technics. Many years ago, I was given lessons by our long-time projectionist. Which was a good thing – only months later he was taken ill for quite some time and my twin-sister and I did his job. Happy memories!

Please excuse my false pronunciation, as connection with the “english -speaking world” is not so intense, as it used to be.

Best regards

LoveCinema commented about Princess Cinema on Jan 15, 2018 at 6:38 pm

Hello Terry,

Thank you for the link about the Beatles playing in Blackpool (in Colour).

Yes, Terry you’re so right: Cinema-goers of today do not have that atmosphere anymore. But by having said that, I don’t think they would appreciate it. Well, not all of them.

Todays digital-projection makes it very difficult to create a more “festive” atmosphere inside the auditorium right before the main-movie starts.

I’m going to be very nostalgic now: Today you won’t find a movie aquipped with “Overture” or “Intermission"anymore.

The Auditorium-lights dimmed whilst the main-theme of “BEN-HUR” (or “Dr. Schiwago”)filled the air,above packed aisles. The lights would gently fade away, only the stage-lights above the closed curtains being on power, until these lights would also dim off and the curtains opened right at the “MGM”-Logo…the audience was taken into the movie. What an atmosphere.

I was to little to see “BEN HUR” /1959 presented that way as the cinema-owners/ their projectionists, had to do so by order of the contributors.

Many years later I witnessed an arquement between my grand-father and our old projectionist, who deliberately wanted to cut out the “Overture” and the “Intermission”. My Grandfather said: “There might have been some changes over the years, but this movie hasn’t changed. It’s still the "Epic” and the Movie-Master-Piece it has always been. It just deserves to be presented that way – whether you like it or not!!!“. So I was given the chance to see "BEN HUR” in that very presentation and I will never forget the atmosphere that was created. Same thing applied with “Dr.Schiwago”, the movie that would run for nearly two months in our cinema in the mid-60’s. I must admit, I miss these moments in Cinema nowadays, but …when the curtains open and the digital-masking reveals the size of the Screen, I can still sense a glimbse of “Atmosphere”.

By the way I found some interesting interior-photos of the “ATRIUM”/ Stuttgart, taken in the 50’s and the 70’s:

Best regards

LoveCinema commented about Princess Cinema on Jan 12, 2018 at 8:51 pm

Hello Terry,

Sorry for not getting back to you until now. Had to lend helping hands at the Cinema.

Thanks again for the links. Meanwhile I watched those interesting movies from British Pathe and not only once. Wasn`t it hilarios to see the young audience being in the hysterics about “The Beatles” life on stage at the (late) ABC Blackpool.

Richard Todd at the Opening of the ABC Preston/Query.

What a way to watch a Cinerama-Movie at the “Coliseum” Cinerama in Glasgow.

Very impressive to watch “Curtains open” to reveal the big Screen of the ABC Sheffield.

Tabs open at the ABC Bristol to be able to adjust to any Screen- Formats available at that time. I’ve never seen it performed like in this scene. That was very impressive.

Yes, those were the days when “going to the movies” was not just “spending some time” away from home – but a real occasion.

Thank you for that interesting “walk back in time” when audiences were eagerly looking forward to the movie they are about to see – already by the opening of the curtains.

“Curtains open” – a moment that still gives me goose-bumps when I’m “at the movies”.

Best regards

LoveCinema commented about Princess Cinema on Jan 10, 2018 at 5:03 pm

Hello Terry, Thank you so much for the links – I am going to look them all up. Bye the way – “next stop” for “70mm – Screenings” (hopefully to be the “real” thing) over here in Germany: “Schauburg”/Karlsruhe. This Cinema is also listed in this site. I am not sure about interior- photos. And therefore you could try “Google”/70mm Screenings Germany or the website of “Schauburg”/Karlsruhe. I remember they`ve put up Interior-photos.

No, I’ve never attended a 70mm-Screening there, it is quite a way to travel there from where I live.

Thanks again.

Best regards

LoveCinema commented about Princess Cinema on Jan 9, 2018 at 9:54 pm

Hello Terry, just dropped back in from our Cinema (“The Greatest Showman”). Thank you for your “helpline” about the Cinemas you mentioned. I found them all on sunday-evening with a bit of time and a great deal of interest (South Shields, Darlington, Chester and the two in Newcastle upon Tyne). What impressive buildings, lots of interesting style and design, specially an the interior – section. British Theatre-Architects were absolut geniuses in “composing” such lovely lobbys, auditoriums and of course the “Heart” of it all, those fascinating beautiful Prosceniums. You see, this was and is a complete different architecture in comparing with our german Cinemas in former times and of course of today. I looked at all the amazing photos and read your interesting comments. I didn’t know about the “ABC” Church Street Blackpool showing movies for the majority of the year. Thank you for that interesting information.

Because of us staying in Blackpool for the summer, we knew it as a live venue only. Happy memories.

What a shame I never saw a movie there in the original auditorium.

Best regards