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Lenya commented about Astra Theatre on Jun 9, 2009 at 8:40 am

That did used to be open beneath the canopy, and you did indeed have to stand outside on the sidewalk to buy tickets at the Astra. The first time I ever saw ‘Bambi’ was at the Astra, in 1966 or ‘67. I remember vividly standing with my mother in line, partway down the block in front of those shops on the right hand side. IIRC, once you got your ticket, there were doors on either side of the ticket kiosk to enter the lobby. Once you got inside, you were in a long, narrow lobby, with lots of gold. The refreshment counter was to your left, the doors to the main auditorium to your right. The main auditorium had these art deco lighting fixtures that were dimly lit with pastels during the movie. They’d slowly change colors over the course of ten or fifteen minutes. The unusual yellow brick of which the theater is built was produced in the neighboring town of Huntingburg, where I grew up.