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klaatu22 commented about Crown Aspen Hill Theatres on Nov 22, 2008 at 2:44 pm

I do remember this theater fondly. I saw my first X-rated movie there. I think I was 15. ;)

I seem to recall that originally it was indeed a Roth Theater. Roth had theaters all over the place in Montgomery County, in practically every little shopping center. The upkeep was pretty good as was the film quality, I’m not entirely sure why they sold out or went out of business.

The Aspen Hill Theater used to show all kinds of stuff that you might not see elsewhere. For instance, before Bruce Lee was ever really popular, they showed his movies there, as well as a variety of other chop-suey westerns, as we used to call them. They also had a lot of exceptionally bad films from Hammer Studios, including titles such as “Revenge of the Wolfman’s Orthodontist” or things fairly close to that. Of course, they had things like “Billy Jack”, “Fearless Vampire Killers” (Sharon Tate’s last film), and they always showed “Pink Panther” cartoons instead of Warner Brothers cartoons.

Yes, the CVS is now occupying the space… See also

and click around.