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kjones commented about New Theatre on Feb 3, 2005 at 7:12 am

To whom it may concern, Mr. VanBibber, or Griffin Properties, et. al.:Whomever:

I am VERY interested in helping with the opening of this space for local performances and perhaps the owners working with Roland High School in Roland, OK to bring our performances and other groups from Fort Smith and Roland to perform and help preserve the space.
I have an idea to bring over my speech students and anyone else to help with maintenence, construction, clean-up, etc…because I have a great interest in old spaces like this one and also the kids in Roland need a space to present our band concerts, plays and such, as our stage is too small and also technology is inadequate for our needs. As we are just over the river, this would help us and the theatre also…
Please contact me with where to help with this restoration! My Master’s Thesis was about old theaters in Springfield, Missouri and this is very cool, so I want to help open the “New Theatre”!
Thank you,
Kevin L. Jones

Roland High School
Route 1 Box 1
Roland, OK 74954