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JohnGarner commented about Indiana Theatre on Oct 3, 2013 at 3:25 pm

The theater has been sold to a new owner, Rob Lundstrom. It is now the Indiana Event Center.

It is undergoing a 4 phase restoration and conversion to make it usable for much, much more than just movies. So far, the 1st phase of restoration is complete and the second phase is underway.

All of the damaged plaster has been repaired. The upper half of the seats on the main floor seating area have been removed and the floor has been leveled for table seating, dancing, etc. Moveable bars may be moved into place for serving drinks.

The orchestra pit has been covered and leveled, all except for an area stage right where the orchestra pit has been preserved and a lift has been installed upon which the restored theater organ console will sit.

The theater is useable and available for rent for your event even as the restoration is progressing.

Mr. Lundstrom believes that there is still a LOT of magic in this theater, and he is right! You can fell it when you look at the place.

Soon, it will be restored and many events, live performances, dinners, and ceremonies will occur there. It will soon be the place to be for special movies and live entertainment, not to mention that special event that could be yours.