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JoeLinville commented about Columbia City 3 Cinema on Jul 9, 2009 at 10:48 pm

Dave-Bronx…Bernie Bispeck became the DM in 1972 following the resignation of Ed Dineen (who as we know eventually returned as a RVP). At that time, the division office was located at the Perring Plaza Cinema in Baltimore County. When the Columbia City Cinemas opened, he moved the division office there. He was removed as DM shortly afterwards, and was replace by the late Walter Miles. He was then assigned as manager of the Security Square Mall Cinemas (a twin at the time, located inside the mall). He never got over being removed, claiming he was returning to manager as “semi-retirement”! Eventually, he moved to Florida with GCC, with his first stop being Fashion Square, and ending at a slow twin theatre, I think was called Seminole.

With all due respect to your knowledge of GCC, the above is correct as I lived it first hand during my early years with GCC in Baltimore.

JoeLinville commented about Columbia City 3 Cinema on Sep 6, 2008 at 11:13 pm

Please..This theatre opened as a 2 screen twin theatre, and had the larger of the auditoriums split thus creating a 3 screen tri-plex, as it remained until it’s dying day in 2000. It never had 7 screens.
I was a manager for GCC in the Baltimore/Virginia division area when it opened, and during most of it’s lifetime (I retired at the end of 1998) and know the facts first hand.

JoeLinville commented about JANAF Cinemas on Oct 11, 2006 at 7:49 pm

I worked for GCC for almost 29 years, and 16 of them as the GM of the Janaf Cinemas, so I need to correct the chronology of this one time wonderful theatre.

It was, as listed, built in 1966 as a single theatre, seating just over 1000.

The original building was “twinned” in 1977, and 2 more theatres added, making it a four-plex.

Starting in 1986, and finishing in 1987, using the “Cambridge Seven” design, the original building was split again, this time across the middle, yielding 4 screens. The 2 theatres added in 1977 were remodeled, and 2 larger screens added bringing the total to 8 screens.

The entire lobby, and front were also remodeled at this time, leaving only the large “CINEMAS” sign on top of the building as a memory of it’s original existance.

It should be noted that I went to the Janaf as GM, hoping to only be there a short while, but fell in love with the theatre, the Tidewater area, and the people, and many times, even today, wish I had never left.

I returned to Norfolk (from Maryland), on the last night of operation, to say goodbye to many wonderful memories.

To all the many wonderful employees, and special friends I had in Tidewater, I thank you, and miss you.