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IsItSomethingISaid commented about AMC Glen Lakes 8 on Jan 1, 2016 at 11:57 am

I have fond memories of this theater, which is a strange thing to have for a multiplex.

While living in Dallas I knew about the theater, but never had a opportunity to visit it until the Summer of 1995.

Finding myself unemployed, but with savings, I took the Summer off; Dedicating myself to bicycling White Rock, going to movies (alone or on dates), and just all around enjoying life.

For some reason that Summer a majority of the movies I desired to see were playing here, and so I spent many an afternoon, or evening here.

Another cool thing about this theater was that one could, after a movie, walk over to the arcade and/or Borrowed Money club over in Caruth Plaza(?) on Park Ln.

There was a Chilis restaurant near by as well that I became very familiar with.

In ‘96 I brought some friends here, who complained of the location’s “desolation,” until I showed him how we could park and then walk to various restaurants, and later, to at least two nightclubs. They were all mildly surprised.

Good memories.