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HaroldS commented about Broadway Theatre on Feb 24, 2006 at 12:07 pm

How well I remember The Broadway Theater in Newburgh. It has been one of my fondest childhood memories. Kid’s matinee admissions were 35 cents in the early 1960’s. Mr. Boyea let us bring snacks and drinks in with us as he knew most of us couldn’t afford the concession stand. Fishman’s just next door, sold a sleeve of popcorn for 10 cents! Mr. Boyea was great! I also remember him as the manager of The Ritz. At Christmas time the theater held a special cartoon showing to assist The Salvation Army, all we had to do was bring in a canned food item and we got in to see the cartoons.

I remember going to see “White Christmas” here, and coming out to see it snowing.

As a boy, the age of 11, I saw this fun place destroyed by fire. I remember well the front marquee with the large red letters H E L P this to advertise its current showing of The Beatles movie, “Help”. The Evening News had a photo of this the next day on the front page of the newspaper. Having a family connection, I got to see the inside view of The Broadway after the fire. The massive ceiling and roof had collapsed onto the seats, the screen was gone. Pretty much all that remained was the front of the building.

I remember being told that another fire occurred at The Broadway many years before. At that time the movie “A Night To Remember” was playing. Wow, talk about fate…2 fires, 2 movies, each with such traumatic titles. This time, however, the theater would not be rebuilt. The Broadway was gone.

What a great loss to Broadway and to Newburgh. Perhaps this loss was the beginning of Broadway’s demise. That of course is another long story.

The Newburgh Kiwanis Club made a great attempt to turn the empty lot into a park, but continual destruction prevented its growth.

Still today, 40 years later, you can still see a portion of the concrete on the front area that attached to the building next door, which then was Fishman’s.

If any readers have a photograph of the old Broadway, I’d sure like to get a copy.

Memories are great. We must treasure them all.

Harold Spellman
Saco, ME (formerly of Newburgh, NY)