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cjohnsonmn commented about Happy 30th, Star Wars! on Dec 17, 2015 at 8:25 pm

I saw the premier of Star Wars – with a High School buddy I had to ‘talk into it’ – on May 25th in Dolby stereo at the Roseville 4 Theater in Roseville, Minnesota. I remember I had got a pair of tickets for free, from a younger kid who had himself won them on a call-in promotion to one of the TwinCities radio stations (maybe KQRS?). Anywho, he was a busboy at the Stillwater restaurant we both worked at (Vittorio’s)and I recall he had to work that night; seems nobody would take his shift nor was anybody else he had offered very much interested in going to see some unknown show. I even forgot I had the tickets, so I had called around to a couple friends before I caught up with and convinced my buddy Dean at the last minute. So to put it in perspective, our expectations were pretty low for this unknown movie, on a mid-weekday night at some suburban theater, miles from our local and accustomed venues… BUT Of COURSE – IT WAS FABULOUS!!! People in spaced-out costumes selling popcorn, spaceship props hanging from the ceilings, the dolby sound like it was living inside our heads, and the visuals and effect like nothing anybody had ever seen on a big screen ever before. We were sensory stunned by the time we left the theater to go home. And the rest is… not just cinematic history, or a fond memory, but a definitive moment in our life experience we both still share and like to revisit; forever a part of our personal life histories too.