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burrwood commented about Granada Theatre on Dec 13, 2012 at 11:46 pm

At the time the theatre was purchased by the last owner, the organ had been long gone. I remember at the time how he had himself commented on the ogan from yester-year. The ceiling was also pierced whith lights above the holes to represent stars in the heaven.

I myself am a professional artist and I had my first studio as a professional in the space that the arcade now occpies. While the theatre was in operation even throughout my childhood, this space was occupied by a barber shop. The origional blueprints for the adjacent building (KoensteinBuilding)are in the posession of the Norfolk Museum. I found them myself in the basement of th building. I do not remember if the folio also included the blueprints for the theatre.

Oe of the few remaining pieces of the facade ceramic work is located under a pine tree at 1729 W. Maple. It is of buff clay, with a white titanium or zinc glaze. I saw this piece myself in 2009. I do not know if it still remains at this address. The property was sold at the time of the owners death.

The theatre was sold in 1980+–. The theatre was restored to its originas condition and used for traveling stage acts similar to those preforming there at the time of its construction. Within two years+– of its renovation, the theatre was razed for a car-park.

Ask any questions. Apart from the owner ofthe theatre (1972-1980+–) I was the only individual who took much interest in the structure.

I have no images of the building although I walded by the building for many years.