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Bobcat1005 commented about Wyandotte Theatre on Apr 15, 2012 at 1:01 pm

I have been searching for information about the Wyandotte Theater for the past few weeks. Went to the library…didn’t find what I was actually looking for. I am trying to settle a dispute with a sibling. The Wyandotte Theater WAS a XXX theater for a short period of time…maybe a year or so. I was taken to my first XXX rated movie by friends for either my 18th or 21st birthday. Someone has to know where I could find documents and or pictures…to help settle this bet. It would have been sometime between 1977 to 1980 ish. It’s not something, I’m sure, our city wants to brag about having a XXX Theater within the city limits…but we did. The theater truly showed its age…very dingy & dirty…par for the course I guess.

I’ve dwindled my searches down to newspaper ads. The movie guide section where It listed ALL movies, drive-ins and XXX theaters and what they were showing along with show times. The X-rated & XXX movie theaters were always listed at the bottom of the page…the last ones to be listed. I dread the thought of going through property information from that long ago to see when it changed owner ship.

Proud to be born & raised here. It was my first and LAST XXX movie experience for those of you wondering. This is a bit of Wyandotte History in order to settle a dispute. Could someone please help me out here and shed a little light on the situation? I’m not crazy.