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bigscale commented about Yale Theater on Oct 10, 2010 at 8:24 pm

comment swampsterman and patti westberg, patii is right about gugenheimers name , iwent to elemntary school with his son bobby.he got the class free tickets sometimes. and yes swamp saturdays were the bomb at the yale in the sixties. live bands, stage dancing, the works. my sisters used to get up there and twist away. saw bonnie and clyde there and gone with the wind. and all the elvis, beach party, christopher lee vampire, frankenstein, movies you could ever wont to see. do you remember the old steam hamburger warming machine,a couple of noisy pumps and your burger was ready in a few seconds, man those were the days. one dollar and you were set for all the movies,cartoons, entertainment, candy, soda, burgers, you could hold, and that was just the mid sixties, now its 20 bucks for a ticket and a coke.