Movie Theaters Operating as a Classic Movies

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↑ Name Location Status Screens
Cinema Le Champo Cinema Le Champo Paris, France Open 2
Cinema Le Grand Palais Cinema Le Grand Palais Cahors, France Open 7
Cinema Le Palace Cinema Le Palace Romorantin-Lanthenay, France Open 3
Cinema Le Rex Cinema Le Rex Sees, France Open 1
Cinema Lumiere Cinema Lumiere Bologna, Italy Open 2
Cinema Lux Cinema Lux Caen, France Open 3
Cinema Mac-Mahon Cinema Mac-Mahon Paris, France Open 1
Cinema Malda Cinema Malda Barcelona, Spain Open 1
Cinema Massimo Cinema Massimo Turin, Italy Open 3
Cinema Museum Cinema Museum London, United Kingdom Open 2
Cinema Nuova Luce Cinema Nuova Luce Urbino, Italy Open 1
Cinema Odyssee Cinema Odyssee Strasbourg, France Open 2
Cinema Village Cinema Village New York, NY, United States Open 3
Cinema Vox Cinema Vox Chamonix, France Open 3
Cinema at Camp Landing Cinema at Camp Landing Ashland, KY, United States Open 10
Cinema at Selfridges Cinema at Selfridges London, United Kingdom Open 3
Cinema des Cineastes Cinema des Cineastes Paris, France Open 3
Cinema le Grand Action Cinema le Grand Action Paris, France Open 2
CinemaSalem CinemaSalem Salem, MA, United States Open 4
Cinemark Bistro at the Carolina Asheville Cinemark Bistro at the Carolina ... Asheville, NC, United States Open 14
Cinemarsh Cinemarsh New Romney, United Kingdom Open 1
Cinemateca Eforie Cinemateca Eforie Bucharest, Romania Open 1
Cinemateca Nacional de Venezuela Cinemateca Nacional de Venezuela Caracas, Venezuela Open 1
Cinematek Cinematek Brussels, Belgium Open 2
Cinematekek Filmens Hus Cinematekek Filmens Hus Oslo, Norway Open 2
Cinematheque Cinematheque Luxembourg City, Luxembourg Open 1
Cinematheque Cinematheque Vancouver, Canada Open 1
Cinematheque Francaise Cinematheque Francaise Paris, France Open 3
Cinematheque Quebecoise Cinematheque Quebecoise Montreal, Canada Open 2
Cinematheque Suisse Cinematheque Suisse Lausanne, Switzerland Open 1