Movie Theaters Operating as a Live Theatre Venue

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Name Location Status ↑ Screens
Palace Theatre Palace Theatre Manchester, United Kingdom Open 1
Jones Theatre Jones Theatre Geneva, NY, United States Open 1
Xinguang Cinema Xinguang Cinema Shanghai, China Open 1
Walt Disney Grand Theatre Walt Disney Grand Theatre Pudong, China Open 1
Richmond Civic Theatre Richmond Civic Theatre Richmond, IN, United States Open 1
Splendid Theatre Splendid Theatre Paris, France Open 1
Matt Dann Theatre & Cinema Matt Dann Theatre & Cinema South Hedland, Australia Open 1
Blackfriars Theatre and Arts Centre Blackfriars Theatre and Arts Centre Boston, United Kingdom Open 1
Theatre Comedia Theatre Comedia Paris, France Open 1
Inman Theatre Inman Theatre Inman, SC, United States Open 1
Royal Court Theatre Royal Court Theatre London, United Kingdom Open 1
Middlesbrough Theatre Middlesbrough Theatre Middlesbrough, United Kingdom Open 1
Abbey Theatre and Cinema Abbey Theatre and Cinema Nuneaton, United Kingdom Open 1
Theatre Royal Theatre Royal Hobart, Australia Open 1
Hopewell Theater Hopewell Theater Hopewell, NJ, United States Open 1
Audley Theatre Audley Theatre Audley, United Kingdom Open 1
Giving Tree Theater Giving Tree Theater Marion, IA, United States Open 1
Teatro Echegaray Teatro Echegaray Malaga, Spain Open 1
Assembly Rooms Theatre Assembly Rooms Theatre Durham, United Kingdom Open 1
Brooklyn Opera House Brooklyn Opera House Brooklyn, IA, United States Open 1
Borough Hall Borough Hall Hartlepool, United Kingdom Open 1
Blue Bridge at the Roxy Blue Bridge at the Roxy Victoria, Canada Open 1
Plymouth Athenaeum Theatre Plymouth Athenaeum Theatre Plymouth, United Kingdom Open 1
Buccleuch Centre Buccleuch Centre Langholm, United Kingdom Open 1
Civic Theatre Civic Theatre Newcastle, Australia Open 1
Fairmont Opera House Fairmont Opera House Fairmont, MN, United States Open 1
Milton Theatre Milton Theatre Milton, Australia Open 1
Elphinstone Theatre Elphinstone Theatre Colombo, Sri Lanka Open 1
State Theatre State Theatre Harrah, OK, United States Open 1
McPherson Opera House McPherson Opera House McPherson, KS, United States Open 1