Movie Theaters Around the World

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Name ↑ Location Status Screens
Elite Cinema Elite Cinema Brussels, Belgium Closed 1
Rio Cinema Rio Cinema Brussels, Belgium Closed 1
Zinema Zinema Brussels, Belgium Closed 1
Orpheum Theater Orpheum Theater Buena Vista, CO, United States Open 1
Broadway Theatre Broadway Theatre Buffalo, NY, United States Closed 1
Burley Theatre Burley Theatre Burley, ID, United States Closed 1
Tonawama Theatre Tonawama Theatre Burns, OR, United States Closed 1
Robins Cinema Robins Cinema Burton-upon-Trent, United Kingdom Closed 3
Penn Cinemas Penn Cinemas Butler, PA, United States Closed 2
Mother Lode Theatre Mother Lode Theatre Butte, MT, United States Open 1
Workmen's Hall Cinema Workmen's Hall Cinema Caerphilly, United Kingdom Closed 1
Grant Theatre Grant Theatre Cairo, WV, United States Closed 1
Teatro Avellaneda Teatro Avellaneda Camaguey, Cuba Closed 1
Tivoli Cinema Tivoli Cinema Cambridge, United Kingdom Closed 1
Star Cinéma Star Cinéma Cannes, France Closed 4
Cinelux Capitola Cafe & Lounge Cinelux Capitola Cafe & Lounge Capitola, CA, United States Open 8
Varsity Center for the Arts Varsity Center for the Arts Carbondale, IL, United States Open 3
Cavern Theatre Cavern Theatre Carlsbad, NM, United States Closed 1
Lyric Theater Lyric Theater Carrizozo, NM, United States Closed 1
Roxy Theatre Roxy Theatre Cascade, ID, United States Open 1
Desert IMAX Theatre Desert IMAX Theatre Cathedral City, CA, United States Closed 1
Palace Theatre Palace Theatre Cattaraugus, NY, United States Closed 1
Illinois Theatre Illinois Theatre Centralia, IL, United States Closed 2
Fox Theatre Fox Theatre Centralia, WA, United States Open 1
Studio 66 Cinema Studio 66 Cinema Champigny-sur-Marne, France Closed 5
Micro-Cinema Micro-Cinema Charlotte, NC, United States Open 1
Carolina Theatre Carolina Theatre Charlotte, NC, United States Closed 1
Regal Hamilton Place 8 Regal Hamilton Place 8 Chattanooga, TN, United States Open 8
McFiler's Chehalis Theater McFiler's Chehalis Theater Chehalis, WA, United States Closed 1
Rook Theater Rook Theater Cheyenne, OK, United States Closed 1