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LoveCinema commented about Princess Cinema on Jan 7, 2018 at 11:35 am

Hello Terry,

Thank you for letting me take part of your cinematic background. Must have been a very interesting job and time for you working in so many different places and be witness in changing situations inside the cinema-branch. I was fractionally “taken away” walking into the big and spacy Auditoriums of some of the old Blackpool Cinemas, like the “Princess” and for the time being the “Odeon”, not to mention the difference in architectical structure. So different to all of our Cinemas over here. Fascinating.

You would have to travel to Berlin to visit a big cinema like the ones over in Great Britain. Our Cinemas in Balingen would just hold 600 and 485 visitors :), so maybe you can imagine the difference in movie-experience.

Yes, you are so right, nothing can “beat the Original” movie-feeling back in the times of analog projection. Mind you, I still miss the sound of the projector passing our projection-booths….not the same any more :(.

Telling about 70mm and 6 track magnetic stereo, which our (Family) Cinemas were not equipped with: Many years ago I travelled to Stuttgart to visit the 70mm Presentation of “Lawrence of Arabia” at the “Atrium”. Went again for “BEN HUR” and again for “Dr. Schiwago”. It was “Cinema – Heaven” and a never to forget experience. And it was about time to do so – shortly after these 70mm reruns sadly they demolished the “Atrium” (pictured on this site /Germany). Must “go” now and see the venues you were working in.

Best regards

LoveCinema commented about Princess Cinema on Jan 7, 2018 at 6:43 am

That’s the word I was looking for “so atmospheric” – the Princess Theatre. Thanks Terry.

The ABC/Church Street: Used to see wonderful Summer Shows whilst staying in Blackpool with my british stepfather and family in the 70’s. I experienced it being converted into Cinema and saw “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” back in 1984 in “Screen 1” of ABC.

Personelly I was so shocked reading about “The ABC” to be demolished (Blackpool Gazette) to make way for another…. car park! So, the iconic and historical ABC- Building is “History” by now and I wonder if the council will regret their foolish decision. It’s a disgrace, really.

You worked for the ABC? What was your profession at ABC, may I ask? I’ve grown up in a family with Cinematic Background here and the cinematic history dates back to 1928, when my Great-Grandfather opened the first Cinema in our small town of Balingen. Well it doesn’t date me, :), but I grew up with Cinema, I’ve always loved it and always will love it.

It was a new and lovely experience to visit one or two of Blackpools cinematic “Crown-Jewels”, which I will never forget.

LoveCinema commented about Princess Cinema on Jan 7, 2018 at 2:09 am

Well Terry, I think you’re right, must have been in the ODEON, Dickson Road (another very impressive building). Still, I’ve been to the Princess Cinema, must have been so impressed, that I forgot about the movie :)

LoveCinema commented about Princess Cinema on Jan 6, 2018 at 11:24 am

There seems to be no interior photograph/s of this beautiful cinema from the 60’s or late 70’s. What a shame, really. I saw “James Bond – The Spy Who Loved Me” at the “Princess”,while staying in Blackpool for the summer. I was sitting in the vast Balcony with my mother and we were very impressed by it’s beautiful interior and big screen. Greetings from Germany Christina

LoveCinema commented about Inside Grauman's Chinese on Mar 12, 2016 at 9:07 am

…and this is how I remember it. I’ll never forget that moment walking inside the auditorium together with my (now late) twinsister. Being raised in a family with cinematic background in Germany it was a breath-taking moment to see this beautiful huge auditorium and not only see but “experience” the movie being screened out on that awsome big screen (“Tron”/1982). What happy memories.

LoveCinema commented about De Anza Drive-In on Aug 26, 2014 at 6:17 am

Stayed a few days in Tucson whilst traveling through the United States back in 1982. The “De Anza” was my first “Drive In”– Movie-Experience: absolutely fantastic – see a movie, watch the stars above. Brings back happy memories. Sorry to hear about the “De Anza’s” demolition. I am also sorry to read about the “Drive In’s” vanishing from the US landscapes. Keep my finger crossed for the remaining DI’s and the ones to be open in the future (hopefully). Love from Germany

LoveCinema commented about TCL Chinese Theatre on Aug 9, 2014 at 4:25 pm

Thank you Escott O.Norton for explaining…and the link to photos.Looks beautiful…and all the other photos, too. Gave me another opurtinity to look inside the great work that LAHTF is providing for the Historic Theatres. Heard rumors about installing DOLBY ATMOS Sound System inside my favorite Theater? Hopefully this stays a rumor. Greetings from Germany

LoveCinema commented about TCL Chinese Theatre on Aug 9, 2014 at 5:15 am

DonSolosan – well- I did notice that the 6 added screens are not inside the Chinese Auditorium.
What I meant was, because of converting the Chinese Theatre into an IMAX 3D reduction of seats had to be done. That’s what I feel a bit sorry about.
Have a nice day.

LoveCinema commented about TCL Chinese Theatre on Aug 6, 2014 at 1:43 am

Dear Escott O. Norton,

Thank you very much for responding on my comment and thanks a lot for giving me information about I wish we’d more time back in the 8o’s to be able to visit one or two more of those magnificent Movie -Palaces. All I could do was passing the beautiful marquees and the huge buildings – wondering how it would look inside(?). Now I had the oppurtunity to view a few of the Palaces (gasping for air again). It really would have been a shame harming the beautiful interior of the “Chinese” whilst converting it to “IMAX 3D”. I am aware that the technical progress throughout the past years would shurely not stop outside this historic building. I followed the work that had been done on small movies like “TCL Chinese Theater Renovation Time Lapse” or read articles on the subject, also to be added 6 more screens. What a shame that seating reduction had to be done. Throughout the past years every single cinema over here had to face convertion from Original 35mm print into digital/digital 3D projection (not “Imax” of course, as buildings are mostly too small) .There was and still is no other choice.

Congratulations on this fabulous work you do. Wish we could have an Organisation like yours over here in Germany. Mostly these buildings “crumble” down, after undergoing a process of vandalism, until day of Demolitian. Mind you, the first Movie-Theatre in my hometown (build by my Great-Grandfather, opened in 1929, seating 600), is still standing(unused of course, but “up”).

The “Chinese” will stay my No.1 favorite Movie-Theater of all time. Wish I could experience it again.

Good luck and best wishes to you and your work at"LATHForg" from Germany

LoveCinema commented about TRON...Happy 25th! on Aug 5, 2014 at 8:14 am

Saw “TRON” at the “Chinese Theater” in July 1982 whilst our journey by car through the United States. Presentation was absolutely perfect in sound and sight. A never to forget Movie-Experience and happy memories.

LoveCinema commented about TCL Chinese Theatre on Aug 5, 2014 at 4:19 am

Back in 1982 my twinsister and two friends travelled through the States. All was organised by ourselfes and our journey,(which was a “lifetime” never to forget adventure, was titled “1982-What a way to go….to Hollywood”. Arriving in Los Angeles with “Pater Brown” (the used car we bought in Arizona named after it’s owner before, who was a priest) we headed straight for “Graumann’s Chinese Theatre”, which I only knew from the Movies to be shown at my Grandparents Cinemas back in Germany. Before starting the journey we promised Martin, our projectionist, who unfortunately couldn’t attend the journey, to bring back an original “Graumans Chinese Theatre” Ticket. Only to find out at the lovely ticket- booth outside that it was impossible to just buy the thing and walk away again. So my sister and I decided to buy three tickets and watch the show.

The movie to be seen was “TRON”.

I will never ever forget the first look inside the beautiful foyer. We were made so welcome there. Had a talk with the Manager and before entering the Auditorium we were invited to have a look inside the Projection-booth. Entering the Auditorium, I gasped for air, as I had never ever seen such a huge and such a beautiful designed Auditorium. Walking down the aisles was like walking on clouds. I couldn’t believe that I was actuelly h e r e…until the curtain opened….and then I knew I was in “Cinema-Heaven”. I didn’t actually “see” “TRON”, I experienced it, with the mighty sound-system, on that huge Screen, presented in the highly skilled technology at that time. Unforgetable….! A never to forget visit at “Graumans Chinese Theatre”, just like our journey was. I wasn’t able to visit it again. Recently I found out about the severe changes this historic landmark had to undergo. It’ll never be the same again.

LoveCinema commented about ABC Blackpool on Jul 27, 2014 at 11:35 pm

Being raised in a family with cinematic background in a small town in Germany (my Great Grandparents opened their first Cinema back in 1929)I’ve always been “addicted” to Cinema since.

I remember going to the “ABC” Blackpool whilst staying in Poulton-Le-Fylde with my british stepfather and family attending great Summer Shows.

In 1984 I experienced the “ABC” (big Auditorium) as a technically perfect Cinema, but undergoing dramatic convertions, of course. Sorry to see it being pulled down. Happy Memories.